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Saturday 22nd February - Port Campbell

Well it was COLD last night. Yes, COLD. It got down to 5.7 and only upto 22.6. It was a freezing cold night and we had a blanket, crochet blanket, (full one), feet blankets, my knee crochet blanket and my electric blanket. WOW!! Clive has threatened to get the quilt out now as they are forecasting another cold night tomorrow.

We went out after lunch to the Port Campbell Ice Creamery Shop and had ice creams. Clive parked by the harbour and walked up the street to the shop. When he returned we sat in the car enjoying them watching people in the sea and on the beach. It was delicious and the sun was out too.

It's a cold
5.7 degrees.

The Ice

Port Campbell

Gai enjoys
her ice cream.

Clive only had
a single serve.





The quilt
is back out.