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March 2nd to 8th - Gold Coast

Sunday 8th March.

We're travelling back to Ballarat today, so up at 5.30am to leave the house at 6am. The plan is to be at the airport for 7am for our flight to Melbourne. Jess drove us to save us catching another share ride and dropped us off at the departure area. We said good bye to her, then on to check our baggage through. Two bags and a wheelie walker. The Virgin staff again were fantastic and again we were the first ones on the plane.

Another smooth flight and Clive had some noodles during the flight, as that was the only real food that they had for him to eat. Landed OK and then again last off. Collected the baggage and again the long walk to the collection point and a short wait. The shuttle bus came, so loaded the luggage and hopped on board. Waited for some other passengers and while we were doing that, he notices some people in front getting onto another shuttle bus.

He then comments about the amount of duty free they had between then, and then the penny drops. He says that he has forgotten to pick up the box of alcohol from the carousel. So off he gets and leaves me all alone on the bus. He explained to the driver where he was going and we take off without him as other passengers are now waiting. We get to the car park and the driver kindly helps me out of the bus and sets up the wheelie walker for me and I sit in the shade of a tree with the suitcase to await the return of my hero, hopefully with some alcohol. Good one Clive!

He tells me that after he left it was a quick walk back to the luggage area and there sitting in front of the uncollected luggage area is his box of alcohol. He rang for the bus and the driver reported back to base that he had the other half, Clive, to the one and a half that he had originally collected, myself, case, walker and the luggage.

Dinner that night was a stir fry cooked by Gary, with Jeanette, Ebony and Nic, her fiance. What a great night we all had with lots of laughter and fun. Desert was apple crumble and ice cream. Absolutely delicious.

After the hot and humid weather of the Gold Coast, it cold down here. We're not used to the humidity of the Gold Coast anymore, but at least with cold weather you can get warm.

Saturday 7th March.

It's going to be another busy day as we have a 12 o'clock lunch with Deidre, Majella and Graham at the Wallaby. So it's back down the highway again for Clive. After a delightful lunch we arrived back to Michael's place and Alister and the girls were there. They had decided to come down for a visit so that we could see the girls. My, how they are growing up.

Clive had planned to make Michael a hot curry for when he returns next week, so he set about making a chicken and zucchini vindaloo. It was certainly on the warm side. Alister ended up taking a few meals home with him when they left around 7pm. I had a toasted sandwich whilst those not eating curry had pizza.

Time to get most of the packing done and have a reasonably early night, well 11pm, as we have to be up early tomorrow as the flight leaves at 8.05am.

Friday 6th March.

A day of rest for me. Clive was back down the highway to our house with the mower and hedge trimmer. The lawns and hedges needs doing as hopefully the tenants will be back in next week. He was gone for quite a few hours. Seems the new neighbour next door in 5A caught him and they spent a good 45 minutes talking. Well the neighbour did anyway. It's hot and very humid.

Thursday 5th March.

Another good sleep. Clive has Teddy under control with the feeding and playing outside.

Two doctors appointments for me today and one for Clive. Dr. Raj, my neuro specialist is not totally happy with me. It looks like when we eventually return it will be back into rehabilitation for me and also an MRI scan. Maybe they are still looking for my brain? The local GP was pleased, as he was with Clive's health, so all good there. Clive went off to Mass at St. Benedict's tonight and collected all our mail from Deidre. He met most of the Thursday night regulars there and they were pleased to see him. Jess got back that night so KFC for tea for everyone.

Wednesday 4th March.

Not a lot to do today except lunch with Adam and Judi And Buzz. Lunch is for midday, so our plan was to leave at 11.30am as it's just down the road at the Oxenford Tavern. Got into Michael's car and guess what? We spent five minutes trying to find the GPS and there isn't one. Set up the address into the phone and followed google. After about 15 minutes we arrive at the destination Clive has put in and we're in the middle of nowhere. Not a pub or house in sight. Clive put the wrong address in. Back to Google maps and he puts in the Oxenford Tavern. Now at least we are heading in the right direction. We eventually arrive at 12.25 and Clive tells his tale. Adam had sent a text asking whether it was a lunch or dinner get together. Cheeky little person that he is.

It was great to see Adam. He's still undecided about what he wants to do next. Judi and Buzz have sold their house and bought a new van in preparation for their fulltime travel around Oz. We had a great chat about our travels and they asked for information on various things. They are currently in the midst of down sizing and packing up their unit. Been there and done that. Maybe well see them on the road somewhere.

Tuesday 3rd March.

We both had a great sleep after yesterday's adventure. Jess has gone interstate for three days so we are dog sitting. Haircuts with Julie in the morning and she managed to fix my hair somewhat. It will need the length on the back to continuing growing after the last butchers attempt. Clive bought some pies from the Jacobs Well Bakery for dinner.

Monday 2nd March.

Cool 6 degrees when we got up this morning. Our flight leaves at 10.20am today from Tullamarine Airport. It's about a 90 minute drive from Ballarat to the airport, depending on traffic. With the ring roads we shouldn't have any trouble, hopefully.

We left at 7am and set the GPS for the airport. We saw a sign pointing to the airport, but the GPS said to go straight ahead, so we did. Wrong move. It took us through peak hour traffic in Melton, so talk about stop start. This added 30 minutes to our travel time. We arrived at the off site car park just after 9am, so eventually at the check in area for 9.25am.

What a hassle with the wheelie walker and wheel chair. Lots of walking as the drop off point is a fair distance from Terminal 3, well for me anyway, so it was a long slow walk. Still, we got there eventually. Clive was the pack horse carrying the back pack and pushing the luggage whilst also helping me. The Virgin staff were fantastic as always and we could finally relax.

The flight was just over 2 hours and as smooth as silk. Clive decided on a sandwich and a cold beer, seeing as he did't have to drive once we had landed. First on equals last off as I had to wait for an electric wheel chair to negotiate the ramps that they now use at the Gold Coast Airport. A Didi ride to Pimpama and $63 poorer. Still a lot cheaper than what a taxi would no doubt have cost us.

We got to meet grand-dog Teddy. Such a beautiful puppy, but too boisterous for me. He would have bowled me over had I got near him. Saw Jess when she got home and Clive had cooked her a butter chicken curry for dinner, accompanied with papadums and garlic chapattis. Delicious. I had a toasted sandwich.

Gai's ready
for take off.


Butter chicken

alcohol time.


Clive found
a goat curry.

This drain
was covered.

weeds where they've
chopped out the honeysuckle.

Where are the

Where is
the drain?.


Work on
the ceiling.



Next door is
building a fence.


Hedge and lawn
needs cutting.



Heading back
to Ballarat.