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Wednesday 18th March - Beachport

A warm 17.8 last night and upto 27.5 during the day.

A lazy day today. Time to sit back and smell the roses. Yes, there are plenty about.

Clive decided to go for a walk to the jetty and came back through the town. The Beachport jetty was originally 1220m long with a "T" Head at the end. The jetty was never completely satisfactory and the 'T" Head and a section of the jetty removed some years later, leaving the present jetty as we know it today.

There are some great views from the end of the jetty, not only looking back along the coastline, but also to Penguin Island, where you can see the remains of the original Lighthouse. You can also see the Cape Martin Lighthouse, proudly sitting atop a hill. The jetty is well set up for fishermen with clear fish identification signs including bag limits and a measuring station.

Clive also went into a gift shop and on their picture board they had photos of large crayfish caught in the area, so he took a couple of pictures of them. Walking down the main street, they have an old red phone box, that is being used as a free book library. Now never one to pass a look at books he found himself a book. Sadly none for me.

Then back past Centennial Park and to the van park. A pleasant 40 minutes walk.

Jetty walk


Mural on a
gift shop wall.


the jetty.


loading crane.


One of many
moored boats.



Cape Martin

View from the
end of jetty.


Which fish
can I catch.



Pick the


On a

Outside the


Plenty of
books here.



Nice port
thank you.