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Wednesday 25th March - Meningie to Bolivar>

A cool 7.3 last night. A good day for driving being a sunny 22.2.

So about a two hour drive today to Bolivar where the Highway One Caravan Park is. We crossed over the Murray River. Jude is cooking a curry tonight, so we'll go to Mary's for dinner and then back to the van park. It won't be a late night. We are going to take a ham and cheese sandwich for me to toast when we get there. We're nearly there when Clive remembers that he didn't bring my dinner. Actually, he didn't even make it. Big fail on that one but he remembered extra containers for the leftovers.

Still Mary had bread, ham and cheese so I didn't go hungry. There was plenty of leftovers, so once again the freezer is full of curry for him.

Tomorrow we'll catch up with mum for a pizza lunch then start heading home on Friday.

Crossing the
Murray River.



Bear was

Plenty of curry.
Thanks Jude.