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Friday 3rd April - Warwick to Merrimac

No weather reports again. I think Clive is slacking off a bit here.

We'll be travelling on the Cunningham Highway and going through Cunningham's Gap. I hope this is not too steep like some of the roads we have been on. Of course, we gained an hour yesterday so now we have the sun getting up earlier than what we are used to. Very strange. Clive was awake at sunrise, so he managed to get some pictures and then went back to sleep.

Just over 180km to Michael's house and we should be there about 1pm, unless we stop for an early lunch. Quite a good drive and coming through and down Cunningham's Gap they are doing roadwork. One lane is blocked off and the speed limit is 40km/h. A B-double was in the front, so that set the pace. Clive had the Jeep in second gear all the way down, so there was very little need for him to touch the brakes. Not a bad decent.

We arrived at Michael's just after 1pm and had some lunch. He, Clive and Jess then loaded up the trailer with some of our stuff and mainly Jess's furniture, on loan. Headed to Merrimac and unloaded this and then Clive and he went to Super Amart to get a lounge suite and some reclining chairs. We're currently using the outdoor setting inside. Clive found two, one which reclined and one didn't. Neither in stock. There is a problem with importing furniture currently.

When he went to pay the recliners are in stock and will be delivered next week, while the three seater lounge is due around the 23rd April. Still at least we'll have something comfortable to sit on. It was a long long day as everything we need is in the van and this needs to be unpacked.

Sunrise in
Warwick, Qld.


Time for
Cunningham's Gap.

Going down
the range.



Lounge suite