By Gai Muchamore

An old Postcard showing St. Buryan Church

(courtesy of Jim Hutchens, Larkhall, Scotland)

The following is a summary of my Hutchens line.

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JOHN HUTCHENS was baptized on 11.6.1785 at St. Buryan, Cornwall. His parents were John Hutchens, a Husbandman, and Mary SHETFAR. John Hutchens and Mary Shetfar were married at St. Buryan on 21.7.1781 and had 4 known children. Their first 2 children were twins, Mary and Martha, baptized on 14.10.1781 at St. Buryan. William Hutchens was their 3rd child and baptized in 1783 and John their last child was as previously stated baptized in 1785.

Mary Shetfar, their mother, was baptized on 30.5.1768 at St. Just in Penwith, daughter to Benjamin Shetfar and Elizabeth James. Benjamin and Elizabeth were married on 21.2.1767 at Madron. Mary Shetfar was one of 4 children - John Shetfar baptized on 30.5.1768 at St. Just in Penwith along with Mary which would indicate they were twins, Benjamin baptized on 16.6.1771 St. Just in Penwith and Catherine baptized on 1.1.1777.

John Hutchens, son of John and Mary Shetfar married Phillis (Philadelphia) Williams, who was the same age as John. According to Census records Phillis' place of birth was also St. Buryan, but to date no earlier record has been found of her. They married on 28.7.1810 at St. Buryan. John was a Shoemaker (Cordwainer) and according to an old resident of St. Buryan -

"John Hutchens who married Phyllis was a shoemaker in St. Buryan village, as was a Richard Hutchens who being younger may have been his nephew. There were 13 shoemakers in the parish of 100 inhabitants."

John and Phillis had 6 children, John, their first born, was born at Churchtown, St. Buryan and baptized on 16.6.1811 at St. Buryan. Susanna Williams Hutchens, their 1st daughter, and obviously given the Williams middle name from her mother's maiden name, was born on 13.11.1813 at Churchtown St. Buryan also. William was baptized on 21.1.1816 at St. Buryan. Marianne (later known as Mary Anne) was John and Phillis' 4th child and baptized on 1.4.1821 at Choone, St. Buryan. This would indicate that at some time between 1815 and 1821 the Hutchens made a move to the small farming village of Choone, situated about half a mile from Churchtown (Churchtown not actually being a suburb as such, but describing an area in St. Buryan - i.e. the town where the Church is).

Choone of years ago would have only comprised of a farmhouse and a couple of cottages. Today, it can be seen as "Choone Cottages" a holiday and fishing retreat - "tastefully converted old farm buildings, the barn and furnace cottages have superb country views and are ideal for family holidays. The owners live close by and supervise all the properties personally. There is ample car parking space"

Eliza their fifth child was baptized on 2.2.1823 at Choone and Francis their last son and child was baptized on 26.11.1826 at Choone.

The family home at Choone was owned by the Paynters of Boskenna. Henry Care then leased it and in turn sublet the farmhouse to John and Phillis, presumably for the term of their life (99 years).

It appears at this stage that only one of John and Phillis' children left Cornwall to come to Australia, and this was their first child, John, who arrived in Australia on 4.4.1849 on the ship "Julindur". John married Caroline Matthews on 12.5.1832 at St. Buryan and they had 10 children.

John Hutchens born. 1811 Churchtown, St. Buryan Cornwall son of John Hutchens and Phillis Williams

Caroline Matthews wife of John Hutchens above

Susanna William Hutchens married Thomas Blewett on 28.5.1836 at Paul, Cornwall. Witnesses were John Hutchens (father) and John Hutchens Jnr (Susanna's brother who came to Australia). Thomas Blewett, a fisherman, was born in 1806 at Mousehole. He was the son of Thomas Blewett and Elizabeth Ely, in turn Thomas (born 19.9.1784) was the fourth child of John Blewett and Elizabeth Olivers. They were married on 7.10.1769, Elizabeth being John's second wife. John's first wife was Julyan Pentreath and they were married on 29.9.1764. Julyan died in childbirth, with her only child John born on 7.5.1765. Julyan died on the same day as giving birth to John. John Blewett married Elizabeth some 5 years later and had a further 4 children, Thomas being the last born in 1784.

Susanna Williams Hutchens and Thomas Blewett had 3 children all baptized in Paul Cornwall. Their first was Julia baptized on 24.12.1837. Julia died on 8.10.1843 aged 6 years old. Their second child, Susanah Blewett was baptized on 27.8.1843. On 26.2.1867 she married John Wright, a fisherman, at Paul. They had 3 known children John (born c. 1870) and Eliza (born c. 1880). Their third and last child was William Blewett baptized on 3.9.1848 at Paul.

William married Mary Jane White on 17.4.1872 at Paul.

William and Mary had the following children:

Julia BLEWETT, b. 1872 in Mousehole Cornwall, d. 1873 in Mousehole Cornwall, buried 02 May 1873 in Mousehole Cornwall.

William Thomas BLEWETT, b. 1875 in Mousehole Cornwall. William worked for Sanatogen in Newlyn and later moved to Loughborough, Leicestershire.

Richard BLEWETT, b. 1878 in Mousehole Cornwall.

John Howard BLEWETT, b. 01 Jan 1881 in Mousehole Cornwall. John was killed in a road accident in the 1920's.

Annie Jane BLEWETT, b. 1882 in Mousehole Cornwall. She married Edward EDDY. Edward lived in Duck St, Mousehole.

Mary (Minnie) BLEWETT b. 27 March 1883.

Susan BLEWETT, b. 1888 in Mousehole Cornwall. Lived at 4 Commercial Rd,Mousehole. She married Joseph WARREN.

Horace, b. 1890 in Mousehole Cornwall.

According to the 1861 Census in the Town of Mousehole Parish of Paul, Susanna Williams Hutchens and Thomas Blewett were living at 1 Crokers Alley. Thomas was aged 55 and head of the family, a Fisherman born Mousehole. Susannah - wife aged 47, Susannah daughter aged 17, Net Maker born Mousehole, William - son aged 12 a Scholar, born Mousehole. John Hutchens, Father-in-law aged 75, retired Farmer born Buryan and Phillis Hutchens, mother-in-law aged 75 born Buryan.

It would therefore seem that John and Phillis left their home at Choone, and moved in with their eldest daughter and her husband. This move would have occurred between the years 1852 and 1861 as according to the 1851 Census John and Phillis were not living with Susanna and Thomas at that time. (Susanna and Thomas in 1851 were living at Regent Terrace, Mousehole). According to the 1851 Census William and wife and family were the residents at Choone. John and Phillis are found to be living back in Churchtown, St. Buryan as per the following entry:

Church Town,John Hutchens,Head, M, 65, Shoe Maker Master Emp No Men, St Buryan Cornwall

Phillice Hutchens,Wife ,M, 65, St Buryan Cornwall

John F. Hutchens,Grnson, 2, Sancreed Cornwall

John Hutchens died in May 1862 at Mousehole, and was buried on the 18.5.1862 in the Parish of Paul. He was 76 years of age. John made his Will on 5.6.1852 which could indicate that he was failing in health (and also indicate the move to their daughter's place). John states that he "wishes to be buried in the church yard in the parish in which he now lives", and as he was buried at Paul I would assume that he was living with his daughter when he made his Will.

John leaves all of his household furniture and possessions to his wife Phillis and even mentions any possessions "on the spot or in the ground". Also left to Phillis is the "Estate which is called Choon in the Parish of St. Buryan in the County of Cornwall in the possession of William Hutchens my son as Tenant at will".

Phillis as the main beneficiary, was not to remarry, otherwise his possessions were to be given to his four children "Susannah Blewett at Mousehole, Mary Anne Dennis at Redruth, Eliza Hutchens in London and Francis Hutchens at Sancreed. To his son John in Australia he left him one shilling". John obviously could not write as he made his mark, or was not well enough to sign. John's effects totaled £100.

Phillis died on 19.5.1877 at Mousehole and was buried on 25.5.1877 in the Parish of Paul. Phillis made her Will on 7.3.1872, 5 years before her Death. Phillis signed her will, indicating she could write. Phillis leaves her interest in the "Leasehold tenement and premises situated at Choone, now in the occupation of Henry Care, held by me (Phillis) for a term determinable on lives to Susanna, the wife of Thomas Blewett of Mousehole, Fisherman and Eliza Hutchens, Spinster of London…..After the decease of Susanna, I give and bequeath her share and interest in the said premises unto and to the use of her husband, should he be then living, and after his death, to their 2 children……."

The same was given to Eliza, however, "free from any interference of any future husband". So Eliza in 1872 was still unmarried and in London at age 49 years. Mary Anne, wife of James Dennis of Redruth, cordwainer, was given "an Annuity or yearly rent charge on the aforesaid tenement of one pound and ten shillings…." To her sons, 1 shilling each. Phillis' estate was under £100.

According to the 1881 Census Susanna and Thomas Blewett were living at 4 Jamaica Street, Mousehole. Their son, William and his wife Mary were living at 5 Jamaica Street, Mousehole. Their daughter, Susannah and husband John Wright, were living at 6 Gerty Milk Street, Mousehole.

John and Phillis' son William Hutchens married Catherine BLIGHT on 1.2.1844 at Ludgvan. Ludgvan is north east of St. Buryan. Catherine Blight was born on 31.12.1819 at Ludgvan, the daughter of William Blight, a Carpenter and Sarah VINGOE. Catherine was one of 9 children, being the third youngest of 3 boys and 6 girls. Her parents married on 9.5.1803. Catherine's Grandparents were Peter Blight and Jane JAMES who married on 25.7.1761. Peter and Jane had 6 children. Catherine's Great Grandparents were Ephraim Blight and Jane SAMSON who married on 24.10.1707 at Ludgvan. Her 2nd Great Grandparents were George Blight and Phellip JAMES who married on 8.7.1682 at Ludgvan. The name BLIGHT is derived from the word 'WOLF" in Cornish language.

William Hutchens and Catherine had 5 children. Their first born, William was baptized on 26.1.1845 at Ludgvan. Then came John Francis born at St. Buryan and baptized 13.5.1847 at Ludgvan. John Francis however was buried on 31.1.1852 age 5 years at St. Buryan (according to the 1851 Census, William and Catherine were living in the Village of Choon. William was recorded as a Farmer of 10 acres employing no labour). Their third child was James Hutchens born St. Buryan and baptized on 28.8.1849 and William and Catherine were living at Gulval. John Hutchens was next and baptized on 25.7.1853 (no doubt called John as their first son John had died the year before) being their fourth child and William and Catherine's last child was named Frances and baptized on 3.8.1856.

William, son of John and Phillis, is known to be living at Choone Farm according to the 1851 Census.

With Catharine dying in 1863 William married for a second time to Elizabeth Ann Matthews. The marriage occurred in Ludgvan on May 14, 1864 and was witnessed by Gideon Semmens and one other person (illegible). William stated his age as 45 at the time and his occupation as a farmer. There do not appear to be any children to this marriage

William was buried on 6th December, 1879 in Ludgvan and is recorded as having died in Castle an Dinas.

Of their children the first to move to Larkhall, Lanarkshire, Scotland was William and Catharine's son James (Jim). A long time ago the Coalmasters who owned the mines in the district (Larkhall) decided to cut the miners' wages and they went on strike, so the Coalmasters went to Cornwall, southernmost westerly point of England. The mines there were finished and they brought the miners up to Larkhall and quite a few settled in Larkhall. Jim emigrated to Scotland 500+ miles by walking! The reason was that as a tin miner work had dried up because rich seams of tin had been found in Spain. The market had collapsed and the other two forms of work were farming or fishing and were very limited and many families were destitute. (Note: there are 2 stories here differing in how Jim emigrated to Scotland) Family heresay is that there were relatives of Jim who moved from Cornwall to the Lancashire coalfields at the same time as James walked on to Larkhall. The town of Bolton was mentioned. Mention was also made of relatives in mining in South Africa, although this could be on his wife's side of the family. Jim was a very talented musician and played several instruments, wind and string, and he founded the Larkhall Silver Bank. In the family is held a silver coronet presented to him as bandmaster by public subscription in 1902. James married Ann BRUCE on 31st October 1875 in Larkhall, Lanarkshire Scotland. Ann was born in Dalserf, Larkhall. They had the following children:

A. James HUTCHENS, b. 1874/5, Larkhall, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

B. John HUTCHENS, b. 1877, Larkhall, Lanarkshire, Scotland, baptized 14 Jan 1877, Larkhall, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

C. Francis HUTCHENS, b. 1884, Larkhall, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

D. Robert Bruce HUTCHENS, b. 26 May 1892, Larkhall, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

James (A) is believed to have died quite young (still alive in 1891 at age 17 yrs)

John (B) emigrated to Oklahoma, USA.

Francis (C) lived all his life in Larkhall Scotland

Robert Bruce (D) also lived all his life in Larkhall.

According to the 1891 Census of Dalserf is the following information on James (Jim) Hutchens and Ann nee Bruce -

1 Hamilton St -

HUTCHINS James Head aged 42 Occupation Coalminer born England

HUTCHINS Ann Wife aged 42 born Lanarkshire - Dalserf

HUTCHINS James Son Unmarried aged 17 Coalminer born Lanarkshire - Dalserf

HUTCHINS John Son Unmarried aged 14 Coalminer born born Lanarkshire - Dalserf

HUTCHINS Francis Son Unmarried aged 7 Scholar born Lanarkshire - Dalserf

BROWN John Border Married aged 24 Coalminer born Lanarkshire - Dalserf

BROWN Maggie Border Married aged 23 born Lanarkshire - Dalserf

BROWN Annie Border Unmarried aged 1 born Lanarkshire - Dalserf

James (Jim) Hutchens born. c. 1849 son of William Hutchens and Catherine Blight

(photo courtesy of James Hutchens, Larkhall, Scotland)

William and Catharine's other son John, also eventually moved to Larkhall. When he was 16 and had a stepmother (Elizabeth Ann - William's 2nd wife) who caught him raiding the pantry, they had a row and he felled her with a blow, thought he had killed her and ran away. He got a boat from Cornwall (his Uncle was harbourmaster at St. Ives), sailed to Glasgow and from there came to Larkhall to his brother Jim. It was only later that they found out she was alright.

Mary Anne Hutchens (originally baptized as Marianne) John and Phillis' fourth child appears in the 1871 Census at Redruth. According to this Census she was the wife of James DENNIS, Cordwainer, who was born c. 1819. The following children were living with them - Richard age 22 (born c. 1849) a Hairdresser, Alfred aged 18 (born c. 1853) a Hairdresser, William H aged 14 (born c. 1856) a Hairdresser and Emily aged 12 a scholar. A baptism has been found for William Henry on 7.12.1856. Mary Anne and James Dennis were living at East End at the time of William's baptism. William Henry was in business as a Hairdresser from 1878 until 1910 (32 years).

No marriage to date has been found for Mary Anne to James Dennis.

The following has been found on the Dennis family:




James Boot and Shoemaker Green Lane (William's father)

William Hair Dresser Green Lane


William Henry Hair Dresser 22 Green Lane


William Henry Hair Dresser 22 Green Lane


William Henry Hair Dresser 2 Alma Place


William Henry Hair Dresser 2 Alma Place

Also the following entry could be William's son (William being 41 years old in 1897)

James Hair Dresser 87 Fore Street


William Henry Hair Dresser 2 Alma Place


James Hair Dresser 87 Fore Street


William Henry Hair Dresser 2 Alma Place

(entry for James not to hand, on a previous page which was not sent to me)


Dennis & Son Hair Dressers 2 Alma Place

(James does now not appear, so this would no doubt be William's son)


Dennis & Son Hair Dressers Cross Street


Dennis & Son Hair Dressers Cross Street

According to the 1881 census Mary Anne Dennis is listed with her son William Henry Dennis at 22 Green Lane, Redruth aged 24 a Hairdresser. Apparently William was in business as a Hairdresser in Redruth from 1878 until 1919. William Henry possibly had a child Lilian Florence Dennis who was baptised on 15.5.1895 at St. Andrews Redruth, mother unknown. Her father was a Hairdresser living at 2 Shoot Row at the time of baptism. Lilian in turn had a child called Horace Lambert Alexander Dennis (illegitimate) baptised on 13.3.1907. I have enclosed a copy of Kelly's Directory for Redruth which outlines William Henry's businesses as a Hairdresser.

I have no further record of Richard but Alfred Dennis is found in the 1881 British Census at 4 Junction Road, Eastbourne, Sussex England. He is married to Mary (nee Vivian) and he also is still a Hairdresser. Alfred and Mary have 1 child Alfred E Dennis and also living with them is Mary's Father, Sister and Brother.

John and Phillis' last child, Francis Hutchens was baptized on 26.11.1826 at Choone and married Mary HOSKEN on 20.1.1848 at St. Buryan according to the rites of the Church of England. Francis was a Shoemaker residing at Sancreed. Mary was residing at St. Buryan and her father was James Hosken, a farmer. Francis signed his name and Mary made her mark. William Hutchens was a witness (presumably Francis' brother)

Francis and Mary had the following children:

John Francis Hutchens born. c. 1848 baptised 13.8.1848 at Sancreed

Edwin Hutchens born. c. 1850 Sancreed

Richard Hosken baptised 4.9.1853 Sancreed

William Hutchens baptised 15.9.1855 Sancreed

William Francis Hutchens baptised 6.9.1859 Sancreed