When family comes to visit

Iluka Springbrook feetyang

Nan's Holiday on the Gold Coast

Above is one of Nan's favourite places after her breakfast and morning medication. Many an hour was spent reading her books in the glorious sunshine (hence the hat)whilst waiting for Gaibie to wake up and get out of bed.

As you can see we have just finished tea and someone made a real glutten of them selves on the lobster mornay. I think that was the main reason for the trip. I only manage to eat a half of one but Mary managed to demolish a whole one by herslf and was still looking for more.

After a busy morning Mary & Jude decided the need for some sleepies in preparation for another night of food and drinking. Their efforts were no where near as good as last year when in 4 days over 60 litres of beer was consumed (mainly by John) and dozens of bottles of wine. All round though a good time was had by all.
Mind you there were more than 3 people here last year in March.
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One of the things neither Gai or I had ever done before was a tourist trip on the waterways. Normally we take people out in our boat, so it was great for me to be able to relax and enjoythe water. Some very interesting commentary made this trip a hoot. Off on the Aquaduck to see where the rich and famous people live.

As the guide said "Let's get the duck outta here".

More images from the duck can be found at The Duck

Nice if you can afford it. The owner doesn't even live there apparently. Owns another mansion further down the road. The helicopter would certainly be a great way to get to work. Most people have a small boat parked on the water not a $4.5 million helicopter