The Hinterland

After walking about 500 metres to this look out Nan decides that she wants a rest, so here they have a nice stone seat that one can sit on and enjoy the view and natural beauty of this region.

One of our favourite places to take visitors is into the "Green behind the Gold" - the national parks and look outs. Here is Purlingbrook falls and with all the rain we had several weeks prior it is flowing very nicely. Springbrook is a leisurely 45 minute drive from where we live and it's about 10 degrees cooler up there then it is down on the plains.

On a clear day you can easily see the Gold Coast skyline and Q1. This stands out as it is the tallest residental building in the world

Looking away from the falls one can look down the valley to the sea. The tall tower standing alone is Q1.

I think the look on Mary's face says it all here. Nan has been caught smoking when she is not meant to smoke at all...Upon closer inspection it was found that she was actually sucking a lollipop - so all is forgiven

There are many different walking tracks and falls to see up here.

Magnificant country and a must see place.

Jude looking back to the coast from the first look out in Springbrook.

Aboriginal names and their meanings.