2010 June Home Page

Sunny 18 today with rain in the afternon.

After Clive and UH had returned from the allotment we had some lunch and then went to the Slough Crematorium where Grump's ashes were laid to rest. Upon Gai looking back through Dad's notes on their tripback to the UK this ceremony took place on the 20th August 1997. The following is taken from Dad's notes:

"I had no memory either of the Stoke Cemetery. Set on the edge of the development, housing to the South and open land to the North, it is a quiet peaceful palce and we were led to the region where their records indicated that mum's ashes lay. A brief and simple ceremony and dad's ashes were spread, and the few floral tributes laid. I took photos of the plot with members of the family, since with the first rain or mowing of the lawns, it will quickly return to being part of the Gardens of Memory."

Clive had wanted to see where his Grandfather, Cyril Muchamore, had been laid to rest. Then to Ian and Rosanne's for a quick visit then home to pack as tomorrow we head to Rome. Winter clothing and gifts went into the two big cases with our summer stuff into the smaller ones. Hopefully we won't need the winter clothes again. Off to the Harvester for tea that night.

Aunty A's
candle flower.




Pommies near where
the ashes were scattered.

It's a lovely
and peaceful place.


Uncle H enjoys
a quiet moment.

Small flowers are
by various plaques.

The Gardens are
well maintained.




Gai has a
photo opportunity.

Certainly a place
to reflect.


The pavers have
names and dates.

The front of
The Chapel.