2010 June Home Page

Quoted from Gai's Journal 20th June 2010.

"Back in our room Clive seems to have lost the corkscrew. Well the 'lost corkscrew' is quite funny. On our first night we had a bottle of wine in our room. Tiredness, Happy Hour and Dinner meant we were a little under the weather. When we got back to our room the second night we got out the second bottle of wine and went looking for the corkscrew. We couldn't find it anywhere so Clive went downstairs to see if we could borrow one. They told him to ring for house keeping. A few minutes later someone came to our room and opened the wine for us.

The next day we went looking for the lost corkscrew. We turned the room upside down. No Luck. Then Clive 'remembered' it still had the cork attached to it as we only had one cork in the room. We searched yet again. Then through the bin again and he realised that the first bottle of wine was a twist top. So we never had the cork screw in the first place. It was still packed away from Rome in the suitcase we hadn't opened !!!.

It was really quite funny looking for this corkscrew and just another memory from this trip."

The next night of course we had dinner in the restaurant again - and from Gai's journal;

"One embarrassing moment was when the waitress commented on him needing someone to come to our room to uncork a bottle of wine. The whole episode is so embarrassing. Good job we don't live here"