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This year we spoke to mum about coming to visit in May as we thought that the weather would be kinder to her as it was pretty hot last year in March. This of course meant that we would have her up here for Mother's Day. Well mum thought it might be a good idea so the plan was for her to come up here early May for 2 weeks for her normal R & R, or so she thought.

We'd bought mum a new camera as the one she was using was dad's old one that was now over 10 years old. In it's day it was a good Sony camera - dad was given this for his 70th - but compared to today's ones it's a bit like watching old film movies!

Mum Arrives

Bribie Island for a week

Glasshouse Mountains

Bribie Island Cruise

Eumundi Markets


Homeward bound

Visitors from Ipswich